Mental Trainer

When I sat on the plane on the way to my first long-distance trip in 2007 – to the Philippines – I had no idea that what I would experience there would have a major impact on my professional future. I traveled across the country, saw an incredible diversity of people and nature, experienced both lively and shady sides „out there“, but even more so something inside me: a thirst for discovery, an openness to other ways of thinking and living, a keen eye for everything that is hidden behind picture-book backdrops. Many more journeys and adventures followed, during which I felt what I was passionate about, namely entering into an exchange with other people and walking a new path together. And that’s exactly what accompanying my clients is all about: rediscovering yourself, your team or the organizational culture, experiencing it from a different perspective and daring to find new solutions.

The journey is the reward, they say. That’s how I see it, not only when traveling, but also in my work: thanks to my experience, scientific background and expertise in work and sports psychology as well as systemic coaching, I bring a variety of methods and flexible approaches to the table. The individuality of each client is important to me. That’s why my services are always tailored to the needs, personality and corporate culture of my clients. I don’t like standardized approaches or fixed itineraries. When working with me, you have to expect dynamism, active participation and critical questioning. I see myself as a kind of travel companion on the way to your personal progress, on your journey of discovery to your resources and potential. I provide you with new experiences and impressions and offer space to think and impulses for sustainable change and a little more ease in your life.

Kerstin Eibel is a lecturer at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz and a self-employed occupational psychologist. She also works as a sports psychologist and performance coach. 

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