2012, three music-loving minds, Petra Gründl, Ulrike Stadler and Heidemarie Zuder had the idea of organizing a master class that offers more than others do – and that in addition to musical training, which is undeniably important, also offers training for the development of artistic personality. After all, artistic personality is the foundation of very individual musical expression. At this time the idea of the ACADEMY | PERCUSSION MEETS IDENTITY and the Concert PERCUSSIONSITS UNITED was born.

Since then, year after year, we bring the world’s most famous percussionists to Styria to implement this unique concept.


PERCUSSION Tutors of the last years:

Sebastian Brugner
Pius Cheung
Eriko Daimo
Johannes Fischer
David Friedman
Alexander Georgiev
Alexej Gerassimez
Tom Greenleaves
Martin Grubinger
Josef Gumpinger
Raphael Haeger
Thomas Lechner
Oliver Madas
Guido Maggrander
Katarzyna Mcka
Anton Mittermayr
Norbert Rabanser
Emmanuel Sejourné
Christoph Sietzen
Claudio Spieler
Klaus Schwärzler
Jesus Porta Varela
Arend Weitzel
Wieland Welzel

IDENTITY Trainers of the last years:

Kerstin Eibel
Lilian Genn
Petra Gründl
Leonhard Königseder
Andrea Latritsch-Karlbauer
Heidemarie Zuder


Petra Gründl


Ulrike Stadler


Heidemarie Zuder